Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Be an Upstander! National Bullying Prevention Month

Do you know what an Upstander is?  During a bullying situation, there are different roles youth play.  There is the child who is engaging in the bullying behavior and the child who is being bullied.  But there is often a bystander as well, a child who witnesses the bullying.  When a child sees someone being bullying, it can be upsetting, even if they are witnessing it online.  It is important to equip children with the tools they need to shift from being a Bystander to an Upstander.  An Upstander also witnesses the bullying but then intervenes or speaks up in order to stop that behavior.  We really like this article from stopbullying.gov because it gives youth practical tips for becoming an Upstander in those situations.  At home and school, it is important to talk with children about what they can do when they witness bullying.